Kirchner Corporation prides itself as a design and contract manufacturer of high quality jewelry, while also professionally representing some of the worlds finest jewelry lines. We call the Midwest “home” and have continuously served this area since 1902. Perhaps you are in the market for a new look, need to restock some of your favorites or need help with a concept piece of jewelry.  Whatever the case, it would be our honor to serve you~


We are “primarily” focused in buying larger diamonds of the purest color and clarity as they are often undervalued  (What traditional sources will pay for them in the US) when compared to other global markets.  For generations we have partnered with an international diamond trading company, headquartered in Antwerp Belgium, founded in 1928.  In doing so, we can optimumize cash values typically within just a few days.

Jewelers, Estate Planners, Wealth Managers and private parties have used our service, which can quickly turn non-liquid but valuable assets into cash for other purposes.

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Meta-analyses were supplemented through Scopus and PubMed with search terms ‘testosterone’, ‘random’ and ‘trial’. CVE, defined before data extraction, were death, myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndrome, percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary bypass, syncope, arrhythmia, hospital admission for congestive heart failure or cerebrovascular event. testosterone.

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This study evaluated the protective effect of beta-carotene (BC) on titanium oxide nanoparticle (TNP) induced spermatogenesis defects in mice. testosterone.

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Although a number of studies have described mechanisms for cycling-related sexual dysfunction, further validated studies are needed to both better describe the dysfunction, as well as to develop strategies for prevention and treatment. Our best evidence indicates that the type of saddle used, as well as the position of the rider, has more effect on resultant sexual dysfunction than simply participation in cycling. Baran C, Mitchell GC, and Hellstrom WJG. Cycling-related sexual dysfunction in men and women: A review. Sex Med Rev 2014;2:93-101. testosterone.

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This study evaluated 136 subjects, 67 with MetS and 69 controls. Subjects were divided into three age groups. Group I included 49 subjects aged 20-29 years, 22 with MetS and 27 controls; group II included 45 subjects aged 30-39 years, 22 with MetS and 23 controls; and group III included 42 subjects aged 40-49 years, 23 with MetS and 19 controls. Demographic characteristics, anthropometrics, blood biochemistry, and gonadotrophic hormones were compared as total ovarian volume and antral follicle count on ovarian transvaginal ultrasonography. testosterone.

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Opioids can exert adverse effects on the body. Morphine, an opioid drug, reduces hormone levels and fertility, and causes sexual activity disorders. Tribulus terrestris (TT) is a traditional herbal medicine used to enhance sexual activities. This study investigates the possible role of TT on sex hormones and gonadotropins with the intent to show its usefulness in treating fertility disorders in opioid users. testosterone.

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Much evidence on the neuroendocrinology of testosterone regarding brain activity, sexual function, psychological health, and senescence was found. In any case, it is known that testosterone deficiency negatively impacts quality of life, first, but not exclusively, through a central effect. Moreover, testosterone and androgen receptors are differently expressed according to age and gender. This aspect contributes to gender differences and to the dimorphic physiological role of this hormone. testosterone.

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With our lead designer for over 30 years we can render sketches, produce CAD design work, Mill options to touch, feel and personalize.  If your need is for a single item or a production run we can help.

The “third image” is of a Wax – Rough casting – Finished and Rhodium plated “Mother & Child” (R) Pendant by Janel Russell.  We’ve been a partner on the product since 1981.  We’ve also been recognized thru the years by the trademarks KAYNAR, Two Become One, Mother & Child, Father & Child, Circle of Life, Son’s Ring, Daughter’s Ring, Heartfelt Love, etc.


We value and celebrate long term relationships that are built on trust, excellence and mutual success.  We’re excited to start new relationships each day and look forward to working with you soon.